Creamy Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta


This vegan roasted red pepper pasta is full of flavor, but possibly the best part about it is that it only takes 20 minutes. Yep - well under 30 minutes for tender pasta swimming in


  1. Posted by editegho, — Reply

    it’s really really good as is! i didn’t have basil for garnish so used instead basil infused olive oil! Delicious 🤸🏼‍♀️

  2. Posted by alicedowling10, — Reply

    Really nice👍 didn't measure out ingredients just eyeballed to my own taste and it was lovely!

  3. Posted by brennacote22, — Reply

    Such a good recipe.!! I found it looking for dairy free options so I substituted the water for bone broth. So SO yummy. In our rotation now as a staple.

  4. Posted by Addresschic, — Reply

    Pasta is my all-time favorite and that too with vegan recipes. Wow!

  5. Posted by joellemcgill, — Reply

    My entire family loves this recipe. It's delicious!

  6. Posted by sophiefcastillon, — Reply

    I just made this and it was alright not the best though. I’m sure you can find better recipes

  7. Posted by Morrisseys_Princess, — Reply

    Guys guys idk what to do now... I read this as bell pepper pasta bought peppers and now realize it's red pepper... It's gonna be really bland I need ideas for other seasonings

  8. Posted by bobix0120, — Reply

    With lentil pasta?

  9. Posted by RebeccasRecipes, — Reply

  10. Posted by BlessedAnd_Free, — Reply

    This looks super yummy! I love how simple it is to make! Beautiful pin! God Bless you!:)

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